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NTDA Tyre Technician Professional Development Scheme



The NTDA Tyre Technician Development Scheme was introduced following the huge success of the REACT working safely at the roadside licesing scheme. the recent changes to the apprenticeship framework and the general interest expressed by NTDA tyre rertailers to have a standardised licensing scheme for retail centre based personnel.


This scheme, effectively, is intended to act as a form of self-regulation for the tyre retail industry and represents a very exciting opportunity for both employers and employees in that it improves the mobility of tyre technicians by providing them with a nationally recognised license designed to demonstrate their competency.


Similar self-regulation schemes have proven highly effective in other industries, such as the Electro-technical certification Scheme (ECS), which has issued thousands of cards to competent electricians.


The NTDA Tyre Technician Professional Development Scheme is based on the following structure:


(This does not replace the REACT license to work safely at the roadside, which will remain unchanged, as it relates to roadside safe working as opposed to specific commercial tyre fitting competencies)
The common criteria for a compant to apply for any of the licenses is as follows:
Whether applications are submitted by a tyre retailer, manufacture's training department, or independent training provider, an individual must have been trained or re-trained and assessed as competent against the relevent occupational standards criteria for each license.
Evidence of this (such as certificates, training records etc.), must be retained and made avaiable when requested by the NTDA who will mainatin a database of all licensed personnel.








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