HeartSine® Personal Defibrillation Unit PDU 400 -
home defibrillator

Save a life at home!

What price can you put on the life of a family member or neighbour? We would like to see the PDU (personal defibrillation unit) 400 defibrillator as the newest addition to life saving equipment in the home, on the boat, in the caravan or smaller workplace, in fact everywhere a life may be saved by the early treatment of SCA.

The HeartSine PDU400 is the world's cheapest Lay Rescuer defibrillator. This Defibrillator is easy to use, maintenance-free and batteries and electrodes last for 5 years. This Defibrillator comes with a 5 year warranty.

Bursting with modern technology the device is of course CE/ISO certified and for use on adults and children from the age of eight or weighing more than 25 kg.

After switching on the device, you receive step by step instructions how to proceed. Additionally the device supports you during CPR by giving clear verbal instructions. An integrated memory saves data for later evaluation. 

Our aim is to bring life saving technology as close as possible to those who need it. We are getting closer to our aim of life-saving devices becoming as available as fire extinguishers in the home and workplace.

Please note the PDU 400 is a single use Defibrillator, ie. once it has been used in the event of a resuscitation, it must be either refurbished or replaced. For multi use Defibrillators please see HeartSine Samaritan PAD 300P and PAD 500P.

At just £599 + vat, Price can no longer be an excuse! 

  • Suitable for use in the home
  • Low Tilt Biphasic technology
  • Self Check
  • Combined battery and electrodes
  • 5 year shelf life
  • 5 year warranty
  • Low cost ownership
  • Single Use, refurbishment programme available
  • CE approved
  • ISO
  • EN
  • EMC certificate


HeartSine  Personal Defibrillator Unit PDU 400 Home Difibrillator ....   £599 + VAT


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PDU 400 User Manual PDF
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